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  1. Drm50

    Drm50 Drm50

    I have finally got my #3 tuned up for deer season. Been going through fits with
    scope situation. Even with extended rings it is hard to find a scope that gives you
    both eye relief and clearance to breech. I ended up mounting a old Burris 2x8
    Signature scope. The good news is, the Speer 235gr semi spitzer is the most
    accurate bullet I have ever shot out of a 375 Win. Shooting from a Caldwell lead
    sled at 100yds, it was target rifle accuracy. Bad news, run out of the 235 loads
    before I could make final adjustments. I wasted rounds on 2 other scopes that
    didn't work out. Still got a couple weeks to fine tune before deer season.

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  2. Blkhawk73

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    Nice results! Those #3's are such a great woods rifle. Have one in .45-70. Mistakingly based up one in .30-40 Krag years back and hen later one of these .375's. My mistake.

  3. Drm50

    Drm50 Drm50

    I had a Marlin 375 that was mint, it shot ok, but just didn't like the feel of it.
    The only reason I'm into 375W is it's a leagal deer calibre here in Ohio. Out of
    #3 you can wring the best out of it. Most deer are shoot at under 100yds in this
    area. With pointed bullets you can flatten a 375 out a bit. Now those bucks in
    Fields & right aways at 200yds are in trouble. Hornady has a 225gr that I will
    be trying out. Have tried several 375 bullets that I have for 375H&H. 300gr
    aren't fun off bags. There is now a outfit making 375Win brass at about [email protected]
    That's a lot better than [email protected] for once fired brass. I blew out 30/30s for cast
    loads in the Marlin, but wouldn't trust them for heavy loads with Jackets.