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Just made a trade a couple days ago. Traded off my Marlin 375 for Ruger #3
375win. Planning on shooting Speer 235g semi-spitzers with stout loads. I have
had Marlin, Wins, & #3 before, I have loaded mostly cast 248gr and 220 gr Jsp.
Sole purpose of this rifle is Ohio deer hunting. Keying on accuracy and range.
No particular about a buulet, any 375 bullet is a deer killer. The trick is to hit
deer. The only reason going with the Speer is to see if it will preform better
than Fn bullets. If it don't back to drawing board. Any of you done any experimenting with Spitzers in 375Win? Ain't fun off bench, appreciate any
Information, so will my shoulder.


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For awhile, every time I was at the range, there was this grizzled mountain man type guy at the far end of the bench and he had that same gun.

He wrestled with different loads every time. Cussing after just about every shot. Had this big notebook full of data.

Finally my curiosity (well I be damned. I been spelling it "curiousity" my whole life but seems like it is "curiosity") got the best of me and I got to talking to him.

He could not find a load that was consistently accurate, easy on his shoulder, and he could live with.

Finally one time, he started whooping and hollering.

He started shooting the wings off flies at 100 yards without his shoulder aching.

Just in case I ever got me one of the rifles, I took down his load.

220gr FP Hornady bullets

36.2gr Alliant R7 powder

I so want one of those. But alas, I have no idea when I will be able to get one.

Wonder if GoFundMe will let me set up a donation.

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