.22 Victory Pistol.

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    I made a new add to my rimfire collection today.My new .S&W .22 Victory pistol.


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    Is it new? I had one and sold it. Be sure and keep the wrench that came with it to tighten the barrel/bolt take down screw. These Victory 22 have a problem with the barrel take down screw coming loose. Mine would come loose sometimes with as few as 30 rounds fired. Then the gun starts to have problems feeding. Basically because the gun barrel/bolt assy. has separated from the frame/magazine.
    The fix supposedly is to install a star washer under the screw head to keep it from coming loose. The other fis is to put a #6 o-ring, I think it is, under the head of the take down screw. Some say to use lock tight on the screw and tighten it to like 40 torque rating.
    Since this screw is the main take down design I figured it might not be long before the screw or the barrel threads got messed up. I also didn't like the idea of having to carry the little Allen wrench with the gun for if the screw comes loose.
    IMO it is a very poor design flaw that S&W needs to take care of. I sold mine after just a few months and bought the Ruger MKIV. I have had no second thoughts about that replacement.
    Let us know how you like or dislike the gun.
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    Congrats on the new pistol.