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    I got an idea stuck in my head that I should have a 10/22 that would be able to shoot and fully function with CCI Quiet ammunition, so I started the quest to get all the 'stuff' involved.
    I already had a 10/22 receiver and a suppressor for this project, but I needed a threaded barrel for the suppressor.
    A Feddersen 18 inch 0.920 diameter barrel soon arrived and was fitted to the receiver. Then, I felt the need for a Hogue over-molded stock, so one of those was ordered. Very reasonable cost by the way. I had a spare 10/22 trigger group in my cabinet of 10/22 parts, so that was installed along with a factory bolt. My first function testing didn't provide the results I was lookin' for. Spent cases were stove-piping and following rounds were not getting fed from the magazine 'cause the bolt wasn't going back far enough due to the weight involved.
    Volquartsen was selling a much lighter bolt, called the "FireFly" , so I next tried one of those. Perfect! I now have a Ruger 10/22 that fully functions using CCI Quiet ammunition and was really quiet except for the "clink" of the steel bolt hitting the steel pin in the rear of the receiver. Remedy: install a hard nylon bolt buffer to replace the steel pin. Results,nice and quiet:

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    I shot the Calibre quiet rounds, that use no powder to fire off, in my Marlin model 60 and basically all I heard was the click of the firing pin.
    I only had a few and I think I placed one at a time in the chamber to fire rather than use the feed tube.
    In a revolver the sound is another story. With the short barrel anyone could tell I fired a round off. It wasn't that much quieter than a normal 22lr round.

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    That's an expensive mod, but really cool how the bolt cycles those quiet rounds reliably! Wish I could hear what that sounds like.
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    Sounds pretty much just like the bolt cycling when empty when the suppressor is mounted. What noise there is comes from the bolt hitting the breech face upon return.
    When there's more than two squirrels robbing the sunflower plant seeds, I can get a couple of 'em before they figure out why Alvin dropped over from lead poisoning. :p
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    Sounds like a fun project. I assume the rounds are the same length as the stanard .22 LR to feed outta the Ruger mag?

    Are youi leaving it like it is or will you be adding one of those fancy, expensive, laminated thumbhole stocks?
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    Yes, rounds are same length as standard and do feed from normal magazines, even the BX 25 magazines.
    Am leaving the set-up just as it is. Too much fun like that. :)