22/45 or sr22

Discussion in 'Ruger Rimfire Forums' started by mike1, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. mike1

    mike1 New Member

    I have a mk2 22/45 bull barrel. Would I be better to keep it or get an sr22. Just for plinking and fun
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  2. rugertoter

    rugertoter Active Member

    Well, that is really just personal preference I think. Some would prefer the Mk II, and others will like the SR. If I were to have either, I think I would like to have the SR-22, with the 4.5" barrel. JMHO

  3. RL Johnson

    RL Johnson Active Member

    I have a 22/45 Mark III and a SR22. I shoot the Mark III more but that is because it is threaded for a suppressor. I like the low noise level.
  4. greg_r

    greg_r Well-Known Member

    I cant make myself like the SR22. The safety/decocker is backwards from any of my safety equipped semi-automatics.

    My choice would be the 22-45.

    Actually, my choice would be one of these, depending on if the HPA ever passes.
  5. ifithitu

    ifithitu Well-Known Member

    I like your choice to greg-r.
  6. armbruse

    armbruse Member

    As mentioned, may be a personal preference. I have a Mark 4 22/45 target model (looked at the sr22 when looking at the mark4 the mark 4 just felt better in my hand), and a charger. Really like both. Both fun plinking guns
  7. Pancho_Villa

    Pancho_Villa Well-Known Member

    Have 2 stainless Mk IIs, 6 7/8" heavy tapered and a 5.5" heavy. Also have a standafd 4" blue. They are all plinkers, but not exactly easy to carry except in a holster on a belt or a shouldeer rig. Happy with the Mk IIs & have no need or want for the IIIs or IVs. Got rid of the 3 Mk Is I had and thought about getting a moe compact & lighter gun like the SR 22.

    Being a cheapo, I hoped to pick up a used one after they had been out for a while. No such luck yet. Did pick up a Sig Skeeter in LNIB condition. It was o.k. for size and fliable. However, the trigger felt like 2 stones rubbing together when it let off. It was also reliable with most brands of ammo. Easy t0 carry just stuck in a belt It was closem but no cigar.

    Had a similar gun about the same time that I can no longer remember the name of. It was made in one of the 3rd world countries by some Ex-Glock employee. Looked like a Glock, but sure didn't work like one. it was LNIB when I got it in a swap. Trigger would have been good if the gun woulh ever get more than 2 or 3 shots out without a hangup. That was with all 3 mags I got with it. Would not even feed Stigers. The finish wore quickly off wheb carried stuck in my belt aroubd the old rancho. It's long gone.

    Did come across a S&W 22a1 off a fuy at a show for a bill and a half with 3 mags and I said, why not? He said it was justtt too heavy.I would have to agree. But if ya want a plinkr that will feed any kinga crap .22 ammo you feed it, this it the gun. Accurate too with most brands. Yep, a plinker, but not great for a belt pafking kinda gun. Woulda kept it, but I already have the Rugers for that.

    Might just have to get a new SR22/ A friend of mine bought one and it wa great for packing, reliable, and had a good trigger. He doesn't pack them around like I do. He usullyu buys a new gun, fires it once, and if it works, he locks it up in his safe forever. Then he goes looking for something else he wants.
  8. mike1

    mike1 New Member

    Just thought I’d let you know. I ended up buying a mk4 22/45 lite. Ended up putting on a red dot. I love it. Shoots right on with never a problem. Have tried different shells but think cci mini-mag target seem to be the most consistent. Could definitely recommend this gun. Going to get the same one for my granddaughter. Oh yea it has the 4.4 inch barrel.