2018 gun ban bill

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    Semi automatic gun ban bill 2018 introduced for consideration.

    If this introduced bill gets passed then kiss goodbye most of the 2nd Amendment. If this were to get passed, which I doubt it will be, then all hell will break loose in this country. Forget about ever selling or even transferring any pistol, rifle, or semi automatic firearms. You maybe grandfathered to own it but you will probably not be transferring it to anyone. Oh and if you own one of the guns deemed prohibited by this bill it must be within arms reach of the owner or be locked up so that it could not fall into the wrong hands.

    Like they say don't let a crisis go to waste. It should also be said if there isn't a crisis then create one. IMO any politician that had anything to do with getting this bill introduced should be escorted out of his office and this country.

    If they really wanted to stop these mass killings then there would be an investigation into who planned these attacks. Well that will never happen because who could be trusted to do the investigation? Hillary and Bill are still roaming free for some reason.

    I don't see this bill getting off the floor but as crooked as government is now I wouldn't put anything beyond a doubt.

    All I can ask is just how little does the 2nd still stand? The bottom line of the bill says if any of the bill is found to be unconstitutional then it all becomes void. Well why are they even introducing this bill then because it all is infringement of the 2nd Amendment. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

    I don't expect we will see a stop to mass killings anytime soon. They want more of them to get their agenda accomplished.


    Well now looky here! All co-sponsors of this bill are democrats. Look at all the co-spnsors! Unreal there are so many unconstitutional politicians. I did not see even one republican co-sponsor.


    With voting right around the corner this should go viral on the internet. But it will not because people want to live in the bliss of ignorance. "Oh I just had no idea", they will say. Or We are so much safer now that the guns have been outlawed.
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    I agree that we must stay vigilant but we owe our problems due to the success of the “black” rifles. They were never popular when I grew up and I still don’t understand the allure of them. As a Vet, I have a suspicion to “why” many like them...

  3. Oldhand

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    I have long felt that people have had the wrong take on the 2nd amendment. If we are to be a militia, then military firearms are exactly what we should have.
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    A M16 was the first rifle I ever fired, shown, used (thanks Uncle Sam). Of course I'm going to go with an AR-15 as my first personally owned rifle...I already know how it works, how to take it apart, how to clean it, how to zero it. Seems to me it's a logical choice.
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    I worked on and disassembled M61 20mm cannons...needless to say, I had my fill. Lol
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  6. buster40c

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    If you should ever be on a front line opposing a government tyranny army then you will be glad you had an M15 or at least semi equal firepower. It isn't about owning one for sport it is about owning one to be at least somewhat equal to your enemies fire power.

    Remember why California approved their police to have semi auto rifles. It was to stop the criminals from slaughtering their under armed police. Now do you see why the 2nd has "shall not be infringed" written into it?

    The 2nd's purpose isn't mainly about your right to own a gun for hunting or shooting pleasure. It is mainly for owning firearms that you stand a chance at protecting from government tyranny.
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    You seem to have a very short memory with regard to the issue of gun control in the U.S. In fact 2A protection has gotten much better over the past couple of decades than it was prior to the rise in popularity of AR-15 and similarly patterned rifles.

    As I explained in a previous post, they offer a versatility and customizability that is unmatched by any other platform. They're also fun (and cheap) to shoot, and make excellent varmint/hog hunting rifles.

    I recall seeing them being sold when I was a teenager...and I'm 10 years older than you.

    As an owner of one and a friend/acquaintance/relation of many others who own them I suspect that your suspicion does not apply to most AR owners.
  8. MagBlackhawk

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    The "evil black rifle" is a product of the lying liberal media.
    Same as "cop killer bullets", "Saturday night special pistols", "evil hollow point bullets", so on and so fourth.
    I don't own an AR15 or any variation of such. I have fired them, lots of fun just not my type of gun.
    The looks of an AR doesn't do it for me. I'm old fashioned. Give me finished furniture for my stock.
    However, if the time comes when threats may not be able to be handled with a pump 12 ga..... I want to have the right to go buy myself an Ugly AR workhorse rifle.
    We need to protect that right, no matter what!
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