2017 MarkVI

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    Was checking out the new design that they have for'17. Not bad I wonder if it comes in a couple different colors or not.

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  2. mark

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    Went into a gun shop that was having S&W days. Got in line to shoot the Victory. Last guy to shoot it came out of the range and handed it to me. Barrel was way loose on the frame. Asked the Smith guy, whats with this? He took the gun and used a hex key that was laying there and tightened the screw that holds the barrel on. I skipped right out out of there. Looked at the internet when I got home, and yup, there is a problem. Screw goes straight up through the frame into the barrel, unlike High Standard, and Browning, which have the screw going in at an angle. also it had a fiber optic sight, which don't give you much of sight picture. Reminds me of a little Christmas tree bulb. Might sort of work for close shots for people who don't see well. Makes my shots look like a spray job.
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    ^^ask Buster about that barrel problem