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Ok guy's,
I went to the LGS last Wednesday to just really talk to the owner/friend and maybe nose a little. When I got there, he was buy/trading with a lady that brought in three revolvers that were her late fathers. I did not get a chance to see them. So after she left, I asked him what he bought. He told me I was going to like what he got. He brought out an old .357 S&W model 28 patrolman in really good shape and a snub nose 32 S&W all in great shape. I liked the S&W but then he showed me the Ruger Single Six three screw. I picked it up and it has not been converted. Action was nice and smooth for an old Colt style action. Trigger crisp clean and light. I asked what he wanted for it. He said he was not sure that he would let me know in three day's. Since it is a pawn shop the guns have to be held for three days to make sure they are not stolen. I went back on Friday and he let me have it for $475 out the door. I was happy with the price and happy she is mine now.

Picked her up last night. Took some pictures of her today and ran a scope down the barrel last night to see cylinder bore alinement. They all lined up pretty well, no complaints. Going to my range in a few minuets (home range) to test her out. But in the meantime, her she is with my 1966 Marlin 39A Mountie and a Case knife that someone put a stag handle on. One of many combo's that I have.

Took her to the range with some decent ammo and after a little windage adjustment on the rear sight, I could not be more pleased. What a great shooter. She is prestine except for a little wear on the ejector rod housing. Have a steel housing on the way, along with some new grips from Altamont grips (fancy).

Only thing not 100% sure about is that the cylinder has three numbers that stamped instead of penciled and they are not the same as the serial that is on the revolver. Does not matter really she is perfect in every other way. I don't know if in 1968 the numbers were stamped or penciled into the cylinder. If stamped maybe it got mixed up at the factory. It did not come with the Mas cylinder. Ruger told me it was made September 1968. Six years younger than I am. :)
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