1000 Illegals a Day Apprehended at Texas Border

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  1. MagBlackhawk

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    Yesterday Texas Governor Gregg Abbott did a radio interview...

    He stated that Border Patrol catches 1000 illegal immigrants a day crossing our southern border.
    That's only the ones they catch... We do not know how many slip past agents.

    Abbott and our previous Governor fought with the Obama administration over enforcing the border laws.
    What we got was Obama insulting us by going to El Paso and declaring the border secure.

    Travis County (Austin) has defied an order to turn over criminal illegals they release from jail.
    We now have legislation moving fast that will force sanctuary cities to end their sanctuary polices.
    That is a good thing.

    Another good thing...
    Obama ain't around to throw a wrench in the works yet again. :Cooltu:
  2. spikedriver

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    Some dummy will probably tie that legislation up in court for the next 5 years. <Sigh>

  3. buster40c

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    Oh Obama isn't leaving. He has a house in DC just so he can still slobber on whatever he can.
    I think it is wrong that any city can defy immigration laws and use tax payer money to do it. Can you imagine the billions of welfare dollars spent to aid these illegals in these sanctuary cities? Trump is fighting that now but he also is being fought back by liberal judges for doing it.
    This immigration sanctuary stuff isn't about foreigners rights, it is about the long run picture to cause problems and transformation of this country. Look at what has happened in Germany and other countries flooded with refugees.

    Press three for English will be the future here. Go to the sanctuary cities and you will wonder what country you are living in.
  4. SHOOTER13

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    Seen that Travis County interview on Fox...

    I LIKE that Governor !!
  5. allenr

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    Actually it is over 1,000 per day. Here is a quote that indicates the number for November of 2016.

    "About 1,574 – that’s how many illegal aliens were apprehended at the U.S. Mexico border per day during the month of November, marking the fifth straight month of escalating illegal immigration into the southwest United States. And now, in addition to the tens of thousands of illegals streaming in from Central America, officials are reporting increased waves of Cubans and Haitians crossing into the United States via Mexico.

    CBP reported late last week that they’d caught a total of 47,214 illegal aliens at the border last month, up from the 46,191 they’d apprehended in October. Already, the first two months of FY2017 have seen higher per-month apprehension rates than any month in FY2016, indicating a new wave of illegal immigration that rivals the surge seen during the summer of 2014."

    The entire article should s here: