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Hello everyone, Ruger fan here, mostly the LCR revolver platform but that is about to change as I'm moving to my first ever 1911 platform with Rugers just released officers model.

Eureka !
Have been intrigued by the 1911's because I like how flat they carry for your personal defense and once you learn the manual of arms easy to shoot.
But just never could find that happy spot between size and weight. That is until now.

This new model by Ruger could have been lifted right from my mind.
I want a gun I can carry easily and can shoot the crap out of it at the range.
Not to mention I have a soft spot for the .45 acp, above even my .357 magnum LCR.

I'm gonna put one on layaway the next couple of weeks and spend the time and effort and learn it good enough to feel comfortable with 'cocked&locked'. Already I started in my head about that safety on/off.

Will ya just look at that bull barrel, uh, uh !
I'm thinking 100,000 rounds minimum, should get me to the grave. :)

Thanks for having me here and hope to have more good news in the future.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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