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I bought a 10/22 synthetic carbine. Never owned a 10/22 before. My preference was always rge Nylon 66 by Remington and it's clone, the GR8 by CBC.i had no reason to replace my nylon skwerel guns. I bought the 10/22 just because I wanted the reciever. The intent was to build a target rifle.

Well, I made a mistake. I fired the 10/22. It was accurate with the irons, so I decided to scope it and see what it would do. It did good. It also fits me well. It's not as accurate as I am hoping the custom version will be, but any skwerel within 50 yards will be going in the stew pot. I can't bring myself to strip it down for parts.Plus it is very light, easy to carry.

Do I like it as much as my nylon rifles? I don't know, but I do like it. My question now is what to do with the barrel and stock I bought? I am going to hold off on buying the small parts , firing pin, extractor, etc. Maybe check the pawn Shops and see if I can buy a beater 10/22 that needs some TLC.

Wish I had bought one of these a long time ago!

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I had a Nylon 66, it was just an extra .22 to me.
Sold it for about $350 at a gun show when collectors went Crazy for them.
(I paid $35 for it many years ago). :D

Then I traded a Rem 552 for a synthetic 10/22. We both felt like we got the better of the deal.
The 552 was worth more $$$ than the NIB 10/22, but I got the better gun IMO... Everybody happy. :Cooltu:

The only mods I've made to the 10/22: trigger job (kit), 2-7 x 35 Vortex and playing with bedding.
It's doesn't have target grade accuracy but it does shoot better than me free-handed or up against a tree.
Works just right for my purpose, a light weight small game hunting rifle. It's a keeper.

A target .22 is in my future but I'm having a tough time deciding, 10/22 or Ruger bolt action. :dunno:
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