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Sure do like the new 10/22 with Laser. :)
Have to go down to the store and put in my order.

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I seen the review on Gun Blast.....awesome gun.....

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Funny timing! The guys at the range have one they'll toss my way for $289++. I'm gonna sell the kegerator and a few other odds and ends to make it happen. I KNEW I would end up with more than one somehow.

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Looked at one today.
almost bought one.
Maybe next week.

While looking at stuff,
this old guy ,
bout my age,
came in
Had an Old 10/22 and Standard model Auto.
Both Old and in great shape.
was going to have the store buy them.
I asked if I could buy the 10/22,
had to take care of all the paper work.
May go back tomorrow and have a look.

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went down to turners today and put my money on the 10/22Laser.
Doubt if I will ever buy another gun.
Damn the paper work and add on fees.
And the ten day wait.
The anti gunners are winning.
While they have my history on their computer,
still had to fill out the same form as last time,
and the time before.
And the salesman acted as though he was doing me a favor.
Yes there are other gun stores,
but too far for me to drive.
Ok, we all remember when we could walk out the door, the same day,
with our new gun.
And sometimes with a handgun if they knew you.
the crime rate was A LOT lower then.
Ten days,
and they have it figured to the hour.
Ok I don't blame the store,
they have to do it buy the book.

OK, just ranting,
its the same for all us califites.
At least that part is done.
cant wait till I get it home.

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Hey Guys,

Can anyone tell me about the laser?

Every laser Ive had was useless in day light, unless its really cloudy,
then only seeable at 30yds.
I have a Laserlyte mini on a pistol, its OK at 25 yds, but hard to see past that, but thats a 4" barrel pistol, not a rifle ,capable of 100 yds.

Makes me wonder about this one ,on a 10/22.

My LGS has NIB $284+tax.

Just asking.


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picked her up today.
The laser seems to work ok inside the store.
Have to be careful playing with her outside the house.
Will take her out tonight and see how well the laser works.
as today is Friday,
I wore my Red shirt.

Oh yes,
even more paperwork to pick her up.
Cant let these,
Please forgive my language,
these politicians win the anti gun war.
So when I feel up to spending more hours filling out paperwork,
I am going to buy a Revolver with a laser.

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Congrats on the 10/22......I am glad that for the moment our state is still pretty simple to buy a gun. Fill out a background check, wait about 15 to 20 min while they call it in, walk out the door with the gun. A range report would be awesome........
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