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    Well I put a new BX trigger in but I had to move my Volquartsen bolt release to the new trigger housing. Don’t know why Ruger doesn’t make it standard. Then I put in the Volquartsen extractor and firing pin kit. I am just about to get my rifle like I like it. Now if it would only hit where I am aiming. It can’t possibly be because I am a lousy shot.
  2. What was wrong with the stock bolt Firing Pin & extractor? My 1964 Ruger 10/22 has Millions of rounds thru it. It's still accurate as the day I purchased it for $56.00 at JC PENNEY in 1964 about 5 years ago I replaced the Trigger with the BX Trigger its crisp clean break is about 2.6 pounds the old trigger was between 5 & 6 Pounds, I tightened up my 50 yard & 100 Yard groups by a half-inch with just a BX trigger replacement. Some of the Nut Jobs on Rim Fire Central have 3 & 4 grand in their Ruger 10 / 22 and still cant group any tighter than the stock off the shelf 10/22. I just laugh at them and the money they wasted!
    $265 for a stock Ruger 10 /22,
    $375 for a trigger
    $450 for a receiver
    $400 for a barrel
    $375 for a bolt
    $250 for a charging handle, Firing pin, Extractor
    $850 for a scope
    $200 for Scope mounts
    $375 for a stock
    $3,540 for a Ruger 10/22 that cant group any tighter than a bone stock 10/22 with a $31 4x 32mm scope and the free mounts that came with it at 50 yards. LOL LOL :)
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    If anyone, in their right mind, believes anything in Post #2, as far as those fictitious prices, you need to get more powerful meds. Those are all "bloated" to try and make a very "feeble", untrue, point. So sad someone like that is even allowed to partake in a decent forum.