10/22 takedown rifle: can you overtighten?

Discussion in 'Ruger 10/22' started by wsoxfan24, Nov 27, 2016.

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    So I just received a new 10/22 ss takedown rifle. And I've watched the videos and read the manual on how to connect the 2 parts. After following their directions, I found the barrel to have wobble, so I separated it and then added one click to see if the wobble would go away. I continued this until the wobble went away.

    I then went out and shot the rifle and it shot great! At 25 yards all shots landed within 1". But as I took the rifle apart, I noticed metal shavings from the barrel lock portion on the barrel being smashed and cutting into the receiver.

    Has anyone seen this before? My tightening definitely smashed the barrel as seen in the picture. Is this something I should contact Ruger about? I was thinking of taking a file to the smashed part so it no longer cuts into the receiver. But I didn't want to mess with barrel in case I need to send it back to Ruger.

    Any advice would be greater appreciated.

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    I don't believe I would modify anything! Call Customer service before you do something that you would regret later.

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    You have to realize that any mass produced product is going to have variances, inconsistencies, etc.

    This could be just slightly out of true parts adjusting, smoothing out machine marks, burrs, etc.

    This kind of thing happens with most guns during their break in period.

    What you need to watch for is if it does not eventually smooth out.

    You say it is dialing in very accurate, as one would hope with a 10/22

    Keep it clean and lubed. It should break in and smooth out and true out within a few hundred rounds. It takes a while with a 22lr.

    If you keep noticing it, then it would be a point of concern. But for brand new, this appears to be perfectly normal.

    Mind you, Ruger has awesome customer service, so if you would feel more comfortable letting them have a look, go for it.

    Call them and they will arrange you shipping it back to them on their dime.

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    I would contact Ruger. I have heard of people having this problem before, don't know what the solution was. Looking at your pics, the adjustment ring looks like it's canted in at the bottom. I don't know how these are made but it seems like they use some type a ball bearing. That could be what is causing the problem.