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So I just received a new 10/22 ss takedown rifle. And I've watched the videos and read the manual on how to connect the 2 parts. After following their directions, I found the barrel to have wobble, so I separated it and then added one click to see if the wobble would go away. I continued this until the wobble went away.

I then went out and shot the rifle and it shot great! At 25 yards all shots landed within 1". But as I took the rifle apart, I noticed metal shavings from the barrel lock portion on the barrel being smashed and cutting into the receiver.

Has anyone seen this before? My tightening definitely smashed the barrel as seen in the picture. Is this something I should contact Ruger about? I was thinking of taking a file to the smashed part so it no longer cuts into the receiver. But I didn't want to mess with barrel in case I need to send it back to Ruger.

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