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10/22 Takedown-expected Accuracy

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Hey, I was just curious, what is the expected accuracy for a moderately experienced shooter at 25 yards standing up? I am not sure if my groups have been very pleasing because the gun itself or me. Could someone tell me a general idea of what a good group is?
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Optics or Irons? Cheap bulk ammo or mini mags/ match grade? Slow fire for group consistency or rapid fire? Lots of variables at play.

I would think a moderately experienced shooter, 25 yards, standing if slow firing should be able to keep a five shoot group of even bulk ammo in a two inch group at worst on a windy day. There will be random fliers in the bulk though.

This is a target of my 10/22 carbine, iron sights, rapid fire, standing at 50 yards, using bulk ammo on a 20mph windy day. 25 rounds. Gesture Font Recreation Circle Logo

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I had a 3-9x scope and I was using CCI standard Velocity. My groups were around two inches, and the range was indoors. I did not keep the targets unfortunately. The thread name was was supposed to be "10/22 Take-Down expected accuracy" just by the way.
once you know what it will do off a bag/rest of some sort, then you know what the GUN will do when standing up.

The question is can YOU hold as steady as a bag/rest when you are standing?
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