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    Looking for a scope or red dot sights for my 10/22. Looking for something compact since its the takedown model and I'd like it to fit in the carrying case. Can anyone recommend something in the $100 range? Saw some truglo red dots and some Nikon scopes but don't really know much about the specs or what they mean. I do have a Tactical Solutions 15 MOA 10/22 Scope Rail mounted already. This is my first rifle so never shopped for scopes before. I don't hunt so it would be for range shooting. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    I have a Millett Multidot SP on my MechTech 9mm upper, it works great and would probably work well on a 10/22. Might be a little bit bulkier than you're after, but it will still fit in the single large pocket.

    This one is silver, but it can be had in black too.

    Millett Multidot SP on Midway USA