10/22 magnum scope opinions

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  1. jeffw122

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    I am looking for the perfect scope for my 22 magnum. It must be american made and light weight. It must no look disproportional. Any recomendations?:)
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  2. Flipflop

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    Hey Jeff,
    To be honest the longer I shoot the more I like large optics. It may look disproportional but the larger the Objective (front) lens the more light comes in. In addition to that a 30mm tube over a 1" tube usually gives better brightness.
    I have an expensive Leopold on my 10/22 22lr and I am thinking of switching it out for larger less expensive scope.

    Do you have any idea how far you want to shoot or how close for that matter?
    What sort of condition you will likely be shooting in?

  3. jeffw122

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    10/22 magnum scope

    I will be using the rifle in timber , typically hunting squirrels. I have a Leopold ultra light 3-9 x 32 in the rifle, but it is fuzzy at close range even on the 3 power setting. Close range being 20 to 30 yards where I have killed most squirrels.... :)
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  5. Don

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    First I must concur with Flipflop. The older I get the more I like big bright objective lenses. They do look disprportionate like monster mudders on a truck or 44DD's on a......... oh well, you get the picture. I'm just sayin', I like the way it looks. I do understand the lack of sharpness up close if the lowest power is too high. For myself I put a fixed 6X with german reticle on my Ruger 96 .22WMR. It's not an expensive scope but the glass is so clear and bright that I had to put it on something. The eye relief was too short to put it on anything that kicks so it's perfect on the rimfire. I have an old 2-5X Tasco with 20mm lense on a 10-22 that sounds like exactly what you are looking for. Guess I didn't help you much but I did get to talk about guns a little. Good luck finding the one you like.
  6. captnkidd

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    Mueller APV great scope, cheap and has adjustable objective to make it virtually parallax free
  7. ibanez1998

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    I bought an Aim Sports scope for my first scope. Has illumination in red and green and a green laser on it. I friggin' love it. ...but I'm biased seeing as how i'm new to shooting and scopes for that matter.