10/22 failure to extract

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    Well I shot another tree rat yesterday and returned my 10/22 to the closet for storage. I thought it strange I could not put the rifle on safe. But I was in a hurry to retrieve the tree rat body and forgot all about it until today. So I dropped the mag and locked back the bolt and there’s a fired shell case in the chamber. Oh great another extractor problem, I had some when the rifle was new but a few better parts and it had been working like a champ. I whipped out my pocket knife and removed the case. That’s when I noticed a longitudinal crack in the case. I would post a photo but the site does not like my iPhone photos anymore. Long story short, it is not a 10/22 problem. It is a Remington Golden bullet problem. I had bought a bucket in the 22 ammo shortage to insure I had plenty. Guess I need to shoot it up as I now have other and better ammo.
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    I swore off Golden Bullets quite some time ago:
    Needed to smack this round FOUR times before it made any noise. It's really too bad, as Remington used to be our 'go-to' .22 rimfire ammunition when I was a lad.

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    That's the sort of lapse that will bite you some day, leading to one of the tragic stories we hear all too often in the news. If the round had ejected, like you would normally assume it did, that would mean that you were walking/driving around and then putting it away with a live round in the chamber and the safety disengaged. When your firearm...especially a semi-auto one...malfunctions (and if you can't engage the safety, it's malfunctioning) that's the time to stop, clear your weapon and determine what the problem is, or at least render it safe until you can figure it out. The squirrel can wait. It isn't going anywhere.
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    My 2 current 10/22s will not feed Rem Golden bullets.
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    I'll have to keep in mind the golden bullet and Ruger issues. I have two Ruger 22 pistols that seem to like just about every other brand as long as it's 1200 fps or above
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    I swore off everything Remington years ago. There were a few reasons:

    Thin .357 and .44 mag brass. So thin that .357's split on the first reload, some even split on the first firing of the factory load.
    44 mag brass so thin that it crushed under the pressure of crimping.
    A 742 semi-auto in 30-06 that would EAT its receiver if you shot it very much.
    A 22LR 552 semi-auto that jammed about every 15 shots. (To be fair that may have just been that one particular rifle).
    Remington had to pay me (and others) some $$ to make a class action lawsuit go away because they used sub standard steel in our shotgun barrels.
    Mine was an 11/87. That thing shot "doughnut shaped patterns" with #6 shot, my favorite squirrel load.
    Not my fault... I bought the Rem ammo and firearms (except 11/87) about the same time and before I started reloading.
    I did hear something about a pistol recall, the R51 I believe....
    Also there was the Marlin lever actions that became known as Remlins after Remington took over making them and screwed up the Marlin name, and the L/A. (I dodged that bullet).

    Dodged A Bullet?

    Gee, I feel better now.... :rolleyes: .... Lol
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    Mine will, but not that well. I usually just shoot up the Golden Bullets I have in my Savage Mk II bolt gun.