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10/22 drilling out the receiver back?

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I have seen a Youtube video showing a way to drill a hole, about 3/8" dia in the backwall of the receiver so you can clean the rifle bore from the breech instead of from the muzzle end.

Has anybody here done that?
Is there an advantage to cleaning from the breech?
Does the hole in the backwall compromise the receiver in any way?
If this is a good idea, why doesn't ruger modify the receiver with a hole for cleaning this way?

Any ideas or opinions?

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I did it to mine and I like it. I don't think it makes the receiver any weaker. It doesn't take that much of a beating anyway. Cleaning from the breech keeps the crown of the muzzle from being damaged and also keeps the chamber from getting the residue from the barrel pushed into it. If you use a Boresnake or Otis cleaning system it may be a moot point as you can clean from the breech with those anyway. As for why Ruger doesn't do it, probably a cost issue.
I also have done it on a 4 of my 10/22s. I dont see any downside to doing it.
I don't see a need to drill it, I use an Otis kit so it's a moot point to me. Also you have to tear the gun down so far to utilize the hole it just doesn't seem worth it to me. YMMV.
I've never heard of this. Anyone have a picture they could share?
Can't you just separate the barrel from the receiver every time you clean?
Here is the Youtube video showing a tool to make this a precise modification.

Clean it like you would an M1.

Use a patch holding tip, not a jag. Put the rod in the bore from the muzzle end without the tip. Place the tip into the action through the ejection port or the mag well and screw it onto the rod. Pull the rod out the of the muzzle.

By pulling the rod it doe not flex and the rod should not touch the bore. All of the gunk will be drawn out the muzzle end and not dumped into the action.
To each ther eown I suppose.
I just run a 22/223 bore snake from the reciever to the end of the barrel a couple times after every range visit. I do not strip it down all that often. Maybe every 1000 rounds or so.
Can't you just separate the barrel from the receiver every time you clean?
I would think that would cause excess wear on the receiver where the barrel fits and eventually cause the barrel to become loose and "droop". Could also change head space by allowing the barrel to go a little deeper into the receiver eventually. Would also run the risk of wearing, striping, or cross threading the barrel clamp bolt holes. Rember this receiver is aluminum and can be worn or damaged pretty easily.
I use the weed whacker line and a fresh patch each pass through the barrel. A bore snake will eventually collect dirt and metal particles and could, I am told, cause damage.
Just my $0.02 FWIW
Never had the need nor desire. I'm fine with boresnkes for cleaning all mine. Not that it's anything I anticipate, but once that hole's drilled, if you have ANY issues, don't expect Ruger to be welcoming or have any willingness to help.
I use the weed whacker line and a fresh patch each pass through the barrel.
How do you attach a patch to the weed whacker line?:confused:
How do you attach a patch to the weed whacker line?:confused:
A guy that does lawn care gave me some pretty heavy weed whacker line, dont know exactly what size, but take a piece somewhat longer than your barrel and cut one end to a sharp point and then you heat the other end and let a small ball of melted plastic form. I let my ball end get a little larger than needed and then used my belt sander lightly to shape and size the way I needed it. Experiment with the thickness of patch and size of the ball end. You then push the sharpened end through the center of the patch, I cut my own from pillow ticking, and slide it all the way to the hardened ball of plastic on the other end. Put what ever solvent you prefer on your patch and let it kind of wrap over the ball end. Then insert the sharp end through the port and into the breech of the barrel, just like a bore snake, all the way through and out the muzzel and just pull the whole thing through. The patch will wrap around the ball end, like over a jag, and will pull all the gunk out with it. Remove the dirty patch, wipe the line clean with a pass of your rag, and repeat as needed. Finish up with a dry patch. Works fine for me.
The whole thing including a small bottle of solvent rolls up and fits in a zip lock sandwich bag in my range bag,
Hope this is clear enough and helps.

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You guys clean your rimfire barrels? Why?
Because its mine, and because I can.
Thank you TDP. I'll have to try that.
You guys clean your rimfire barrels? Why?
I don't clean it that often, but it makes it easier when I do. :D
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