10-22, 77-22 magazines

Discussion in 'Ruger Firearms Accessories' started by Carl Crosby, May 2, 2019.

  1. Carl Crosby

    Carl Crosby Member

    The two magazines... BX-1 and JX-1 look very similar, all that looks different is one has a rounded bottom, and the other is flat. Are they interchangeable without problems?
    I read somewhere on the 'net that one fellow had to take his rifle apart because he tried one type in the wrong rifle, and it got stuck.:eek: Seems a bit far fetched to me. What do you think? :)
  2. mike1

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    Not an expert but I think the BX-1 is for 22lr and the JX-1 is for 22magnum and 17hmr in the bolt action. I know my 17 American uses the JX-1.

  3. Carl Crosby

    Carl Crosby Member

    Yes, Mike is right. the JX-1 is for the 77-22, and the BX-1, the one which has a slight curve to the bottom is for the 10-22. I called Ruger and asked the question, and the Customer Service lady said they are NOT interchangeable. Sooo...I decided to double check. I got my rifles out, and lo and behold, the 10-22 and 77-22 magazines both fit and functioned in the 77-22. It was when I tried the 77-22 (JX-1) magazines in the 10-22 that trouble began. They would fit and seat properly, but when I pressed the release, they hung up, necessitating me to stick my pinkie into the ejection port, and apply some "persuasion". So, while some magazines may function in both rifles, some will not. Best to check first, and save much hate and discontent!
  4. SGW Gunsmith

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    I've tried them and inter-changed 'em with one another without any issues. Maybe I've been lucky, so I hope that luck holds out. The only difference I've encountered is the bottom of those magazines and that doesn't have much to do with how they actually function, so therefore the different part numbers.