10/22 50th anniversary model

Discussion in 'Ruger Rimfire Forums' started by greg_r, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. greg_r

    greg_r Well-Known Member

    LGS near work has a NIB 10/22 50th anniversary model in the rack. Black synthetic with engraving. I like it, but am a bit put off at the asking price of $359.

    What can you all tell me about it. Fair price? It would be a shooter, not a collector piece.
  2. phideaux

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    Hey Greg,

    Just my opinion here......

    I am a huge fan of the GREAT 10-22s,
    I have a few ,
    They all shoot great, never a problem,

    $360 + tax, for a 10-22 is too much , unless it is something really special ,

    I would not pay that.

    No wood...engraving only , plastic, hummmmm?

    10-22s I see , go between $200-$250.

    Now I would pay that much for this one.....and I did :)


    ruger 1022.jpg

    This bull barrel , SS , with a few Volqartsen parts will shoot 1/2" group at 50 yards , with about any ammo, all day .


  3. Blkhawk73

    Blkhawk73 Member

    If it's worth it to YOU, that's all that matters. Remember, all 10/22's during the 50th ann yr had laser marked bolts while the actual "50th Ann Edition" was it's own thing. Other than being just a different model, I don't see it as anything love and beyond if only to be a shooter. Even as a collectable...made too many to see any real "wow factor" for a lot of years.
  4. paulruger

    paulruger Active Member

    I traded for a 50th anniversary 10/22 with a walnut manlicher stock awhile back. The cash price on the rifle was $325.00 NIB! I think its a Lipsey's too!