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  1. Range Reports
    I zeroed the scope on my Ruger Gunsite Scout today. I learned a couple of things. First, it doesn't group well with Winchester Super-X 150-grain PowerPoint. Second, it does group very well with Federal Gold Medal Match 175-grain Sierra Matchking. After a rough 1-inch-low zero at 50 yards, I ran...
  2. Ruger Rifle Forum
    Ok, I broke down and built myself a sort-of scout rifle. It's no longer truly a "scout rifle" by Colonel Cooper's definition, but it's my concept of a general-purpose bolt-action rifle suitable for recreational or survival hunting of up to deer-sized game and defense against two-and-four-legged...
  3. Ruger Rifle Forum
    The Gunsite Scout Rifle is an excellent relatively light, yet solid, .308 cailber, well-balanced bolt action rifle. The very protected rear peep sight is quite easy to pickup in various lighting conditions and more than sufficient to repeatedly pop soda can sized targets with at 100 yds...
1-3 of 3 Results