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  1. Ruger Revolver Forums
    thinking that this one may be my next acquisition. i'm not at the stage where i know enough to appreciate the older models (such as pre-transfer bar such as three screw Rugers). Anyone out there have this model and care to share their thoughts. Anyone prefer other Blackhawk models to this one...
  2. New Member Introductions
    First time here and just had to say KUDO to CS at Ruger, I have a New model 357 that's years old, Love to shoot and a couple months ago the Pawl wore out and the Cyl. free floated most of the time. At first I though it was the Cyl latch lock. So Yea, I completely tore it down, got a few parts...
  3. Ruger Revolver Forums
    i need help with figuring out a price for it im not sure how to tell if its the old or new model it was about 1970 in preety god condition ive herd it be called a piece of art before its the first gun ive ever boughten so i kinda wanna keep it but i also dont wanna go to jail over it either the...
1-3 of 3 Results