Modified Ruger Gunsite Scout

Ok, I broke down and built myself a sort-of scout rifle. It's no longer truly a "scout rifle" by Colonel Cooper's definition, but it's my concept of a general-purpose bolt-action rifle suitable for recreational or survival hunting of up to deer-sized game and defense against two-and-four-legged predators. When we move to Arizona, it will serve alongside one of my AR-pattern rifles as a camp gun/Jeep rifle. Base rifle is, of course, a Ruger Gunsite Scout in .308 with a 16" barrel. I replaced the short forward rail with an XS Sight Systems full-length rail so I could mount a standard eye-relief scope rather than an intermediate eye-relief scope. The selection of intermediate-relief scopes is very limited, and they're fixed-power; I'm a big fan of low-power variables (1-4x, 1-6x, and 1-8x). I dropped it into the same MDT LSS chassis I used for my Remington 700 based precision rifle. Scope is a Trijicon AccuPower 1-8x28 with MOA reticle (red illumination) in Nightforce X-Treme Duty Ultralight 34 mm rings. I replaced the stock flash hider with an ACC compensator/flash hider/adapter so I could use my 762SDN6 suppressor. That's one reason I picked a 16" barrel, so the length wouldn't get out of hand with the can attached. Stock is Magpul CTR with a " riser. I borrowed the bipod from my Remington-based precision rifle, and I'll swap it freely between the two. Weight is just a tad over 9.5 lbs with the optic (it's a fairly heavy optic) but without the bipod and suppressor. I still have to zero the scope and gather velocity data. The only other thing I'll add is a front QD socket on the bottom rail, so I can use a padded VTAC sling. I've considered having the bolt Cerkoted (using Cerakote Elite black), since the entire assembly including the bolt handle is stainless which looks a bit out of place on a FDE-and-black rifle. I'm also considering having the bolt threaded for an enlarged bolt knob. Of course the LSS chassis takes the same 5-or-10-round AICS magazines that my precision rifle takes. I did the build myself, and ran into no problems.

Modified Ruger Gunsite Scout
773PPVM, Sep 19, 2017
Shutter speed:
Focal length:
4.3 mm
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