Welcoming the New 9mm Ruger LCR and LCRx

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    Amongst Ruger enthusiasts everywhere, it is no secret that the LCR line is a respected and popular choice of firearm. Then there is the growing group that is finding the 9x19mm parabellum round is returning to popularity due to increased loadings. Those who fall into the category of LCR appreciators will be glad to know that another LCR option is becoming available-- which does that oh so rare thing as adding 9mm to a wheelgun. What might that be, you ask? The answer is the blackened steel Ruger LCR 9mm Double Action Revolver, which is also available in a single action model known as the LCRx.

    Chambered in 9mm Luger and able to fire +P ammunition, the Ruger LCR revolver is a great choice to fulfill your carrying needs. Whether it is a backup gun you wish to strap to your ankle or a primary carry piece on your hip, the Ruger LCR 9mm is properly sized to get the job done without sacrificing performance or hindering movement. Although this particular LCR is the heaviest member of its class to date, it doesn't add to much heft to your carry load.

    Weighing in at 17.2 ounces, it will not drag you down regardless of carry location thanks to attention being taken to reduce overall weight through the utilization of a fire control housing that is made of polymer. In addition to giving it a weight advantage, recoil is reduced as well. Also added are Hogue Tamer Monogrips which allow for comfortable grip and even more reduction of gun recoil.

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    The Ruger LCR 9mm has a five round capacity. On the cylinder, substantial fluting is present along with a finish of Ionbond to add to the firearm's ability to withstand wear. The barrel itself is 1.875 inches in length and made of stainless steel. The overall length tallies up at 6.5 iches. Atop the barrel rest a front sight that is replaceable. The rear site is placed atop the frame and is a U-notch.

    This double action revolver comes with three full moon clips to enable quick and simple loading as the 9mm case is rimless. It is not only possible to fire this revolver with the moon clips still in place in a position where they are attached to the rounds, but the included moon clips have fared well in drop tests as well-- making them defacto speedloaders.

    All firearms in the LCR line have proven to be popular acquisitions for Ruger owners far and wide. However, until now, those weapons were only available in .357 Mag, .38 SP., .22 WMR, and .22 LR, making the 9x19mm Ruger LCR an attractive choice due to its overall function and appearance as well as being economical to fire. Speaking of economical, the Ruger LCR 9mm can be yours for $599, which makes it a gun that will not break the bank for most consumers.

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    Is the Ruger LCR 9mm Double Action Revolver something you are excited to see hit the market? Will it take the place of other LCR's in your collection or be another part of it? Was there anything you would have liked to see added or taken away from this design? Let us know in the comments!

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