Ruger pulls SHOT Show surprise with Switcheroo Buckaroo and M1 Carbine 22

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    Sturm, Ruger has been hot and heavy in the past few weeks with debuting their new American pistol, a green update to their 22/45 LITE line, a 5.5-pound Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle and of course, their first in-house suppressor design, the Silent-SR.

    Well just when you thought you had seen it all from this American firearms giant, they kicked off two additional guns just in time for this year's annual Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade show.

    The Switcheroo Buckaroo

    As first reported by Real, the Switcheroo - Buckaroo, or the "Swuck" as they term it, is a multi-caliber "Roto-barrel" revolver styled on their classic GP 100 series of six-shooters. A two-barreled wheel gun with a single cylinder, hammer and trigger, the upper barrel shoots .357/38 while the lower shoots .22 LR rimfire cartridges. Sound confusing?

    (Composite Image from Real

    Well the cylinder allows three .357/38s and three .22s and a switch on the frame designates where the hammer strikes and in which barrel, so you can swap between shooting either round with a flick of a switch and have three shots of each ready to go.

    Look for more on this revolver in coming days! Until then, the specs:

    Type Roto Barrel - DA/SA
    Caliber 357 Mag / 22 LR
    Capacity 3 - 357 Mag 3 - 22 LR
    Barrel Length 4.206"
    Rifling 1:20" / 1:16
    Weight - Actual 271 Oz
    Overall Length 7.5"
    Height 5.5"
    Width 2.3"
    Frame Stainless Megalunium
    Cylinder Osmium Plus
    Sight Rear Adjustable Slip Disk
    Sight Front Pinned Ramp
    Trigger Pull - D/S 2 Lbs / 6 lbs
    California Approval Tacit
    MSRP $1619.37

    Just in case you haven't figured it out from the specs, it seems very more than likely that the Ruger Swuck is a figment of Real Guns' imagination. Nice troll though.

    However, there is one more gun that likely isn't.

    The 10/22 M1C

    A send up honoring one of the most famous military rifles in history, the new M1C version of the venerable 10/22 is a homage to the M1 Carbine of WWII.

    Formally, the "United States Carbine, Caliber .30, M1," but commonly just referred to as the M1, the gun was a popular and well-liked little rifle. Designed just before World War Two, the gas-operated, rotating bolt carbine was designed to be a gun that could arm truck drivers, cooks, radio operators, and paratroopers who, by nature of having to climb out of vehicles, jump out of planes, and carry large amounts of sensitive equipment on their backs, needed a more compact rifle for self-defense than the full-sized 9-pound Garand rifle with its 30.06-caliber rounds. At just 5.3-pounds, the gun had an 18-inch barrel and a 36-inch overall length. A 15-shot box magazine was fitted and two more could be carried in a pouch on the butt of the gun.

    Adopted in 1941, more than 6-million of these handy little carbines were made and it remained in US service until the 1970s, still seeing action in Korea and Vietnam when needed.


    The visually modified M1C, as first reported by Gun Holsters and Gear, will be a TALO distributor network exclusive item and will ship with a 15-shot banana mag to keep the M1 styling. The Ruger plinker keeps the M1's distinctive oil-bottle slot in the buttstock and military style iron sights while adding the nice update of a Picatinny-style rail for optics.

    Talo is listing as "coming soon" both the 10/22 M1C and a Marine stainless takedown model of the 10/22 (#11193) with a floating hard case though without any additional information.

    While MSRP is $399, we are already seeing them for as low as $335 from distributors.

    Let us look at those...

    Manufacturer Part Number 10/22M1C
    Item Number G21102
    UPC 736676211029
    Barrel length 18.5000
    Caliber .22LR
    Metal finish: Black matte
    Overall length: 37 inches
    Rate of twist: 1:16"
    Weight: 5
    MSRP: $399.00

    You know you want it...

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  1. Carl Crosby
    Why don't they really do something , and offer a Carbine look-alike in .357 Magnum/38 special?

    This must be a hold-over from April 1, right? "Swuck"? Sounds like the problem our Wildlife resources was having naming its experimental hybrids...Pheasant and Eagle cross="Pheagle" . Pheasant and Duck...they are still working on that!