Ruger joins with PolyCase to introduce ARX bullets

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    With a new ammo type being introduced almost on a daily basis in the past few years, it seems Ruger has decided to toss its hat into the ring and partner with an innovative new company to produce a line of Ruger-branded self-defense ammunition.


    Who is PolyCase?

    Based in Savannah, Georgia, veteran-owned and all-U.S.-made PolyCase, according to their website started as an injection molding company.

    "For the past 5 years, however, our focus has been to develop a technology that delivers light, efficient, accurate, and corrosion and heavy metal-free ammunition. As we continue to innovate we learn more about the true capabilities of the technology that we have created, thereby allowing us to develop and manufacture light, reliable, precise and efficient ammunition using range compliant components," says company literature.

    Their ammo line uses a copper-polymer projectile that weighs approximately 70 percent as much as lead core bullets with similar profiles, which means a 100 percent lead-free bullet.


    ARX bullets are engineered for maximum hydraulic displacement and terminal energy transfer to targets through a different bullet profile that doesn't expand yet still delivers its energy to the target via flutes in the bullet.

    Ruger ARX

    Introduced last week is a .380ACP load, marketed in a 25-round box, that is 56-grain (rather than your typical 95-ish grain) that clocks in at (wait for it) 1,315fps.


    In addition to this load, there is a .45ACP load, sold in a 20-round box, which is a 118-grain bullet (as opposed to your traditional 230) that brings 1,307fps to the party.


    Ruger seems to like it enough to put their name on it.

    "We were impressed by the innovations PolyCase has developed and incorporated into the ARX bullet technology," explained Mike Fifer, Ruger CEO, in a statement obtained by Ruger Talk. "Ruger prides itself on being an industry leader in innovation, so matching up the Ruger brand with cutting-edge PolyCase bullet technology seemed a perfect fit."

    Future loadings in 9mm (74-grain, 1,530-fps) and .40S&W (107-grain, 1,310 fps) are coming soon

    According to the press, these bullets feed like FMJ round ball, but is frangible and, as such, is less likely to ricochet yet, due to its speed, delivers a lot of energy onto the target.

    Roll that beautful bean footage

    Below is (first) ARX's informational video, followed (second) by a review from Jeff Quinn over at Gun Blast and (third) a ballistics test from The Chopping Block of 9mm 74 gr ARX fired from 4.5" Glock 22 with Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel and .45 ACP 114 gr ARX fired from 5" 1911A1.

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