Bisley Ruger Vaquero Single Action

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    Ruger has been excellent in coming out with cutting-edge revolvers for specific uses, such as hunting or defense. So what\'s the purpose Bisley Vaquero Single Action? First and foremost, this is a cowboy pistol to its core, and an excellent piece for competitive shooting, according to Ruger. This is a revolver that was first introduced in 1993, and currently comes in .45 Colt and .357 Mag from Ruger.

    The .357 Mag is no different than the .45 Colt in appearance.

    This is a gun that has been adjusted to the match the framing of the 1955 Ruger Blackhawk, which resembled the old revolvers of the 19th century. For dual-purpose, you get the .44 Specials and .44 Mag, along with .38 Specials for the .357 Mag. The .357 Mag comes with eight grooves and the .45 Colt has six. It resembles the standard Vaquero piece, only it comes in a simulated Ivory handle and high-gloss stainless steel finish, with a barrel that is one inch longer. You\'ll get the Bisley style grip, which has a straighter handle grip rather than the traditional curvature formation. The barrel itself is 5.50 inches, and the overall length is 11.12 inches. Vaquero means cowboy in Spanish, and the Bisley series gets its name from the Bisley rifle range in Surrey, England, which is the official home of the UK chapter of the National Rifle Association.


    The Vaquero comes with a classic pre-1962 steel frame grip with a crescent ejector rod, and it has a fixed front sight and has notch rear sighting. It has that classic feel, but has been modernized with the standard transfer bar mechanism to prevent misfire; however, there have been complaints of transfer bar breaks and mishaps. However, you\'ll also get an internal lock and loading gate interlock. And there have been additional complaints of the gun being a bit too hefty for some. But regardless of the complaints, this is a gun that \"won the New West,\" because of its popularity among the cowboy shooting world.

    Solid Piece

    When it comes to this gun, it is simply a matter of preference. Some may be keen on the handle grip while others are not, and many will be taken with the sighting features. Not only will some find the gripping better, but the hammer spur is lower, with a wider trigger. It comes in both light and powerful calibers, which is excellent for those not fond of shooting the .357 Magnum rounds. Regardless, it is still another excellent addition to Ruger, and one of the flashier pieces on the market. It is not the best conceal-carry weapon, but it is a good gun to have for sporting, and on the range.

    Photo from Ruger

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