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Old 09-12-2017, 07:53 AM   #11
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Sending you so many healing thoughts and MANY prayers!
Keep us posted and keep on getting better!
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Hey Greg,

It is absolutely amazing what positive thought can do...
Try to keep your spirits up, you can beat this problem. We're pulling for you buddy.


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I ran into a similar problem about 7 years ago when I was in a car wreck. A guy broadsided my Model A and the door flew open and I partially fell out while it was running. My feet were tangled in the foot controls and my head and back were dragging on the ground. The medical bills started hitting me right away. The insurance settlement I got was spit!! I had medical bills coming out of my ying yang. I explained to them that I would pay what I could when I could. At one time I was sending them just $10.00 a month so they couldn't say I wasn't paying. Finally after a couple of years I got some money and paid them off. As long as you pay something, they have to accept. I wouldn't sell my guns nor drain your savings as you may have some other emergencies that arise. There is always sunshine on the horizon if you can just maintain your sense of humor and keep a positive attitude. Keep up the good fight and remember you have friends out here that care about you and your well being. With deep regards,

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Thanks guys. Just worrying about my insurance. Due to the Affordable Health Care Act, AKA: Obamacare, our employer gave us a choice of increased premiums or increased deductable and co-pays. Cheap premiums won. I have a $7500 deductable and a $3500 copay. Before Obamacare, I would have been out of $3000 total.

Good news is they sent me home last night. I still need to have follow-up visits and will have to take medicine for a week or so to make sure the pneumonia does not come back.

And why could I not walk? Would you believe a vitamin B12 deficiency? Causes nerve damage. I still have some tingling in my toes, but I can walk now. And I got it because I was trying to be more healthy. I had started a modified vegan diet to lose weight. I still ate meat, but only on the weekend. As the doctor said, vegetables don't make B12, and as I stayed away from breads and such, which has B12 added, I just did not get enough. I have to take B12 injections now and it can be months before I get better.

Anyways, I'm home, I learned, and I will do better. Thanks for the support guys.
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When I was growing up, I never had my own dog buddy. One of my close friends did though. His dog buddy told him on several occasions that "You need food you can growl about."
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I"m sorry Greg. I wish you a speedy recovery without having to sell your guns.
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